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Freeview Channel List: Channel Islands

This service will not be available from March 2019.
You can find a current list of Freeview channels at

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Last updated: 28/01/2019
  • Channels with a  yellow  background: Broadcast in the DVB-T2 standard. Access these channels with a device that supports Freeview HD, Freeview Play or YouView, subject to local coverage.

1     BBC One Channel Islands
2     BBC Two
3     ITV Channel
4     Channel 4
5     Channel 5
6     ITV2
9     BBC Four
10   ITV3
13   Channel 4+1
14   More4
15   Film4
24   ITV4
26   ITVBe
28   E4
45   Film4+1
86   More4+1

100 Freeview (Information service)

Freeview HD
You will need a Freeview HD compatible device to see channels in this range.
101 BBC One HD
102 BBC Two HD
104 Channel 4 HD
105 Channel 5 HD

201 CBBC
202 CBeebies (0530-1857)

231 BBC News
232 BBC Parliament

Data Services
250 BBC Red Button

Interactive / Red Button
601 BBC RB 1 

700 BBC Radio 1
701 BBC Radio 1Xtra
702 BBC Radio 2
703 BBC Radio 3
704 BBC Radio 4
705 BBC Radio 5 Live
706 BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra
707 BBC Radio 6 Music
708 BBC Radio 4 extra
709 BBC Asian Network
710 BBC World Service
719  BBC Radio Jersey
721  BBC Radio Guernsey

If you can receive services from more than one TV region or from France, your Freeview receiver will allocate these services in the 800s. TNT (France) receivers will put French services first.


BBC Red Button+: Press Red on compatible Freeview Smart TVs to access additional content from the BBC on BBC TV channels. Formerly known as "Connected Red Button".

Viewers without a compatible device will continue to access the original, standard BBC Red Button service.