What's on BT Showcase Freeview channel 115

BT Sport offers a small selection of sporting events on a free-to-air basis, including Champions League and Europa League Football via its part-time Freeview channel, BT Showcase.

BT Showcase is available in HD on channel 115, but is only available to Freeview HD viewers in some areas only.

Coming up on BT Showcase 

BT Showcase is to be removed. BT is from next season no longer obligated to provide Free-to-air Champions and Europa League coverage.

Finals will be shown live online.

BT Sport Score is no longer shown on this channel on Saturday afternoons. A free-to-view stream will be carried on Twitter @btsportscore.

How can I watch BT Showcase?

  • BT Showcase is available on Freeview channel on 115.  If you can receive QVC HD on Freeview 111/112, then you should still be able to watch BT Showcase, but in HD on 115. More information about the change...
  • A version of the channel is also available on Virgin Media channel 548. There are sometimes variations to the Freeview schedule, so it's worth double-checking the Virgin Media EPG.

Can I watch online?
For some events, free live streaming is available. Where this is the case, we endeavour to provide a link shortly before the coverage is due to begin.

Can I watch BT Showcase in the Republic of Ireland?
No. It is a UK-only service.

Is the channel available in SD?
On Freeview, the channel has not been available in SD since 9th May 2017, when the old service on channel 59 was closed.

Does BT Showcase also show non-sports programmes?
Yes, occasionally. A few times a year, BT Showcase is used promote new programmes shown on AMC from BT, the pay TV channel operated with US broadcaster AMC.

Is there more information about BT Showcase's schedule?
BT doesn't always provide much notice of which events it's going to show for free on Freeview - it has been known to announce freebies with under 48 hours to go.  Therefore, availability of programme information on this page may vary considerably.

Information last reviewed: 10/04/2018.