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What's on BT Showcase Freeview channel 115

BT Showcase on Freeview has now been withdrawn. Viewers will need to subscribe to BT Sport to gain access to BT's full portfolio of sporting events.

Why has BT Showcase closed?
As part of the 2018-2021 deal between UEFA and BT Sport, there is no longer an obligation on BT to broadcast a number of Champions League and Europa League fixtures on a free-to-air basis on TV.

BT has said that viewers will be able to watch clips, highlights and selected games for free online.

In the past year, BT Showcase has been gradually wound down, with free-to-air Aviva Premiership Rugby coverage moving to Channel 5 last year and the cancellation of the occasional WTA highlights programme.

How else can I watch BT Sport?

Information last reviewed: 12/07/2018.