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End of service announcement

In March 2019, a516digital will cease operations.

Resource pages, such as the Freeview channel lists, will cease to be updated after 8th March 2019. News and information pages will also be wound down during the month.

I am aware that the site's social media presence is very popular and receives a level of engagement that shows it's valued and is found by many as being a useful resource.

Therefore discussions are ongoing regarding transfering social media activities in order for readers to continue benefiting from updates, albeit under new management.

It's been a difficult decision, but follows a number of changes to my personal circumstances and the fact that since the behinning of 2018, the site has been run single-handed by myself. Plans to wind down the site started back in September with a view to achieve a smooth closedown rather than an abrupt shut down with no notice.

a516digital has still achieved a lot - the Alexa ranking for the site *in terms of UK readers* has seen a516digital come ahead of UK Free TV, Broadband TV News, Advanced Television and more in recent months, which is not bad for a one man band.

A special thanks goes out to those who've kept the site nourished with information. Thanks to the press teams I've had contact with, the distribution and channel managers who have provided useful pointers, the broadcast engineers who really shouldn't have and everyone else who have provided tip-offs.

Thanks also to James Robinson for assisting with the sites coverage of satellite and Sky EPG related information.

And finally thanks to all those who have been reading this site over the years.

All the best,