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Together moves on Sky and Freeview

Lifestyle, entertainment and factual channel Together is moving to a new home on both Sky and Freeview on the 18th Febuary 2019.

On that date the channel, formerly known as The Community Channel, will be found on Sky channel 194, moving from channel 173 as part of a deal involving Viacom-owned BET International, which currently occupies channel 194.

On Freeview, the channel will be moving to channel 89, as reported yesterday. It's part of a shuffle up of the Freeview channel list, to fill in gaps at the bottom of the entertainment section of the list. The Freeview changes are due to take place around midday on the 18th. Freeview coverage of the channel is limited to around 75% of the UK.

Together is the UK's first supporter-owned channel, which aims to "motivate people to do more in their lives and for the lives of others".