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Local channels give way to teleshopping simulcasts

Local TV chain That's TV has replaced its classic film and series strand with teleshopping simulcasts.

The network of local TV channels controlled by the company is now simulcasting shopping channel TJC from 9am-1pm and Ideal World from 2-6pm. A rerun of the previous evening's news is shown between 1 and 2pm.

Many channels in the That’s TV network originally simulcast Freeview channel Talking Pictures, before the agreement was terminated at the end of 2017. In its place, stations carried a daytime strand of classic films, series and cartoons.

From 6pm, local news is shown on a loop. That's TV has been criticised in recent years for the lack of local content, and for exploiting rookie journalists while profiting from the BBC-funded scheme created to help secure the foundation of a chain of local channels. As the initial funding runs out, it has been unclear how many of these stations will be able to fund themselves.

The deal to simulcast teleshopping services has not been given any significant publicity, and most viewers in each station's coverage area are already able to receive the full versions of the channels being simulcast on Freeview. However, the lucrative high ranking EPG slot given to the local channels - either Freeview channel 7 or 8, depending where you are in the UK - means viewers who don't scroll down the channel list very often are reached for the first time.

That's TV covers locations including Aberdeen, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Guildford, Hull, Manchester, Norfolk, Oxford, Scarborough, Swansea and York.

With credit to Colin Knight who spotted the addition of teleshopping to That's TV Solent.