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February brings more Freeview channel changes

A further Freeview channel shuffle-up is pending this month.

Filling the gaps at the bottom of the general entertainment section of the channel list, a number of channels have already confirmed they are moving during February.

▶️ Travelxp is moving from channel 98 to channel 93 on the 18th.
▶️ Together, currently on 93, has confirmed it will be moving to channel 89.
▶️ PBS America will move from channel 94 to 91.
▶️ In Scotland, BBC Four SD will move to channel 82 from the 18th. This will allow BBC Scotland to launch on channel 9.

Other channels have yet to make their plans public.

Last month, NOW80s and 90s moved to channels 83 and 84 as part of a shuffle up to fill gaps in the 80s channel range. This month's changes will affect the 90s channel range, meaning that new channels joining Freeview won't be consigned to channel 140, which is where standard definition channels would overspill once all channels between 1 and 99 are allocated.

Most of the affected channels only have limited coverage, meaning many viewers will continue to see gaps in the channel numbering.