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Do not adjust your set: Weather creates TV and radio interference

Weather conditions are once again having an impact on terrestrial TV and radio reception.

Viewers and listeners have been warned by the BBC and Freeview of reception issues caused by the current high pressure system over the UK.

Many parts of England and Wales are prone to the disruption.

Television disruption manifests itself in pixellation, weak signal messages or even temporary loss of reception. Viewers are advised not to retune to restore channels, as services will return when conditions improve. DAB radio may be prone to bubbling noises.

Critics say that the current scheme to reduce the number of frequencies used for Freeview to free up space for 5G services from 2020 is increasing the likelihood of reception issues during high pressure weather conditions, as greater numbers of transmitters have to share the same frequencies increasing co-channel interference. The BBC says the majority of its broadcasts are not affected, as its networks are "engineered to be generally very robust."