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NOW 80s moves to new Freeview channel number

1980s music channel NOW 80s has shuffled up to a new position on Freeview's channel list.

Recent channel closures and shuffle-ups has left some channel numbers on the platform empty. NOW 80s has taken the opportunity to move up the channel list, moving from channel 88 to 83.

There's no change in coverage, so viewers who currently can't get the channel won't be able to do so after the switch, which took place at 11am this morning.

For viewers in Manchester only, NOW 90s has moved from 89 to 84, while Clubland has moved to 88.

As part of the changes, a number of recently moved or departed channels which previously contained information slates advising viewers of changes have now been removed. This includes Yesterday+1, which abruptly departed from Freeview after just two months on air.

Newer receivers will automatically re-sort the channel list, older receivers may need retuning.