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Freeview retune for LBC and Classic FM

There's been an end-of-month change to the transmission of LBC and Classic FM on Freeview.

As a result, listeners using Freeview may need to retune their receivers to continue accessing both stations, which broadcast on channels 731 and 732.

LBC and Classic FM are undergoing a multiplex change and are now being broadcast alongside the TV signal of stations including Sky News and Dave - the COM5 Freeview multiplex operated by Arqiva.

It reverses a change made in August 2016, when both stations moved away from that multiplex. LBC and Classic FM first launched on Freeview four years ago this weekend.

For viewers who haven't retuned, information slates will appear on 731 and 732 for a short time (until 14th February). These temporarily move to channels 790 and 792 following a retune.

While newer Freeview devices will automatically retune, some older devices will need to be retuned. Users should avoid any 'add channel' option that may be available on some receivers' tuning menu, as that is for adding brand new channels and not restoring channels. Anyone who doesn't retune will lose the stations in a fortnight.