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Confusion as Sewing Quarter moves to new Freeview capacity

The channel's viewers have struggled to find the service since it moved to a new frequency on Monday.

Sewing Quarter's transfer to a new Freeview frequency has left some viewers confused over how they can access the channel, according to social media posts addressed to the teleshopping service.

The switch happened at 1pm on Monday, when the channel left its former Freeview capacity. Viewers have been advised to do a full retune of their TV in order to restore the channel. But the channel's mostly older viewers have been left confused by the changes to the channel, which is operated by Immediate Media Ltd.

Following a retune, Sewing Quarter should reappear on Freeview channel 73. However, in its new slot, the channel is only available over terrestrial TV between 08:00 and 13:00, whereas previously, viewers could watch the channel's programmes during the afternoon until closedown.

At 13:00, when the terrestrial signal is turned off, the channel continues for the rest of the day as a streamed channel. Viewers with compatible devices connected to the internet who select channel 73 after 13:00 will be connected to the live stream of the channel. Viewers with older devices will see a message that their device is not compatible

Join us between 8AM and 1PM daily for all of your sewing and quilting needs. Sorry, your device is not compatible with this service.

However, the message that appears on screen has given some viewers the impression that their device isn't compatible at all, not even for the hours that the channel is broadcast as a normal terrestrial channel, which is incorrect.

The message also baffles viewers selecting channel 73 on non-compatible devices after 13:00 by telling them to watch live on the channel number they've just selected.

Additionally, a small number of viewers on relay transmitters will have lost access to the channel, as the channel's overall Freeview coverage reduces from 98.5% of UK households to just over 90% of households.

Sister channel Jewellery Maker (channel 74) is now only available to around 75% of UK households after it too moved to a new frequency on Monday. 

Freeview users can check which channels should be available at their address via the official Freeview coverage checker.

Sewing Quarter changes
► Is available as a regular terrestrial TV channel on 73* between 08:00-13:00.
► But viewers may need to do a 'full retune' to restore the channel.
► Viewers with older devices should avoid any menu option that says 'add channels' or similar, as this will not overwrite the old version of Sewing Quarter with the new version.
► After 13:00, a webstream of the channel will launch on compatible, connected devices only.
► You'll need to have a internet download speed of at least 2Mbps for the stream to work.

*Sewing Quarter moved from channel 78 to 73 in June 2018. Viewers who are not in the habit of retuning Freeview regularly may still have had the channel stored on #78.