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BBC launches consultation on iPlayer transformation plans

The BBC is asking for feedback on proposals to make programmes available for longer on the BBC iPlayer.

Last month, Ofcom gave the BBC conditional approval to make some changes, but had reservations requiring the BBC to launch a Public Interest Test. A public consultation that began at midday and closes on 15th February 2019 forms part of the test.

The BBC says the service it offers to particularly younger audiences online needs to "adapt to reflect the expectations and demands of licence fee payers"

To do this, the BBC is proposing to transform iPlayer, from primarily a catch-up and linear TV service into what it calls a "destination" for its audiences, where the BBC’s programmes will be available for longer, both for individual programmes and box sets.

But commercial operators have already expressed concern over the impact of allowing the BBC to grow its free streaming service, potentially at the expense of subscription streaming services.
The BBC proposes:
► A longer initial period of availability for all programmes of at least 12 months
► Complete series box sets for selected titles made up of new returning series and their previous series
► More archive content
Viewers can have their say on the proposals via the consultation document, which can be accessed from the BBC website.