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UKTV channels to be reshuffled on Virgin Media UK

Months after UKTV and Virgin Media agreed new carriage terms after a long-running public battle in the summer, the cable company it's moving some UKTV services.

The channel changes take place on Virgin Media UK's cable network on Monday 10th December 2018 and will affect the majority of UKTV's services, including +1 and HD channels.

  • Really moves from 129 channel 128
  • Yesterday moves from 245 to channel 129
  • Drama moves from 128 to channel 130
  • Dave Ja Vu moves from 211 to channel 131
  • W+1 moves from 131 to channel 190 
  • Alibi +1 moves from 130 to channel 191
  • GOLD +1 moves from 190 to channel 194
  • Yesterday +1 moves from 246 channel 200
  • Watch HD moves from 191 to channel 211
  • Alibi HD moves from 200 to channel 226 
  • Dave HD moves from 194 to channel 227
  • Eden moves from 247 to channel 245
  • Eden +1 moves from 248 to channel 246
  • Eden HD moves from 249 to channel 247 
  • Good Food HD moves from 280 to channel 279
  • Good Food +1 moves from 279 channel 280
UKTV services not listed are remaining on their current channel numbers.

All eyes will be on how UKTV is expected to be split in the coming months: UKTV owners BBC Studios and Discovery are preparing the divide the channels among themselves, and one of the key discussion points has involved the various EPG slots UKTV services are allocated to on various platforms.

Virgin Media infographic: