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Sounds different: BBC Scotland reveals new continuity announcers

BBC Scotland has revealed the three new personalities that will be the voice of its new channel for Scotland, which launches in February 2019.

Former Capital Scotland Breakfast presenter Jennie Cook joins student Dominic Main and George Taylor, who works in marketing for The Times, as the new voices viewers will hear announcing programmes on the channel.

Discussing what the recruitment panel was seeking, Maura Currie, Head of Presentation at BBC Scotland, said it wanted people who had an energy and warmth to their voice. She said:
“We were looking for people who encapsulated the warmth and authenticity that Scottish people are famous for. We wanted someone who had a bit of cheekiness and fun in their voice, but could also adapt their tone where and when it was appropriate. We have definitely found these qualities in Jennie, George and Dominic and we’re so happy they’re joining us.”

Jennie Cook said: 
“I'm absolutely over the moon to be one of the voices for the new BBC Scotland channel. It's an exciting time and I'm so glad I get to be a part of it. I can't wait to be the voice welcoming everyone in.”

George Taylor said: 
“The launch of the channel is a new chapter in Scottish broadcasting and to play my part is a great honour.”

Dominic Main added: 
“I’m so excited and slightly nervous to be one of the new voices of BBC Scotland. Our creative industry sector is growing bigger and better every day and I’m over the moon to play a small part in that.”

In addition to the three new recruits, familiar voices from BBC One Scotland's presentation team will also provide cover on the new channel, launching Sunday 24th February 2019 on all main digital TV platforms in Scotland, as well as on iPlayer and satellite across the rest of the UK.