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Glasgow and Portsmouth small-scale DAB deploy Minimux Managed Services

Small-scale DAB multiplexes serving Glasgow and Portsmouth have adopted Factum Radioscape's encoder and multiplexing system.

The technology deployment of Factum's ENMUXA product also means the small-scale DAB operators can increase the number of stations on their multiplexes. Utilising the Minimux Managed Service model, the DAB+ multiplexes will benefit from the same functionality a national or large commercial broadcaster would expect to receive, including a high-quality audio codec, dynamic configurations and redundancy.

By adopting this model, small scale DAB operators say they are proving that small-scale DAB deployment can be achieved without vast capital expenditure, and with access and assistance from Factum Radioscape’s helpdesk, without the need for a team of highly qualified engineers. The multiplex, located in a data centre, is assembled entirely from IP inputs, eliminating the need for any hardware at the studio site. Any configuration changes or service alterations are done remotely and included in the service packed provided by Factum Radioscape.

ENMUXA is also compatible with the open digital radio modulating software and provides the requisite technology that allows operators to exceed the 20-services barrier encountered by operators utilising open source alternatives.

Factum Radioscape Managing Director, Thomas Durkin, said:
“To continue growth in the sector, it is vital that smaller operations have affordable access to professional equipment that can be updated and maintained. We foresee significant demand from smaller multiplex operators who want access to the best audio and content solutions for listeners.”

Ash Elford, DAB Platform Manager at Nation Broadcasting, added: 
“ENMUXA has provided us with a full suite of tools to enhance our DAB multiplex offering. Using the system allows us to break new ground with service provision and sound quality, with an easy to use system. ENMUXA will benefit the small-scale DAB sector through its simplicity and flexibility."


  1. Will RTE Radio 1 be included on the small scale DAB service in the UK?


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