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Global upgrades app with Podcasts

The company behind Classic FM, Radio X, LBC and Capital has launched its own podcast service.

Global has today launched podcasts in its Global Player App, with content from a variety of publishers. It's launched with over 1,500 podcasts. It also includes Global’s own home-grown podcasts, including “The Chris Moyles Show,” Steve Allen’s “In Conversation With,” lots of historical LBC programming and more.

The Global Player is Global’s entertainment hub, which allows listeners worldwide to enjoy all Global’s radio brands - Heart, Capital, Smooth, Classic FM, Radio X, LBC, Capital Xtra and Gold - all in one place.

Curated by the audio industry experts at Global, the new platform features premium podcasts across a range of categories including Business, Technology and Sport, suggesting new podcasts for listeners based on their interests.

Like all features in Global Player, the new Podcasts section will be available in Global Player AND within all of Global’s brand apps, including Heart, Capital, Smooth, Classic FM, Radio X, LBC, Capital Xtra and Gold, which are all powered by Global Player.

  • This functionality is currently available on the iOS apps, with Android following in early 2019.

James Hickman, Global’s Director of Digital, said 
“We’re so excited to bring this huge dimension to Global Player, Global’s entertainment hub. We wanted to build a deep and content rich experience, as well as a one stop shop for Podcasts. Global Player is now that place.”

Ashley Tabor OBE, Global’s Founder & Executive President, said 
“The simplicity of design, smart functionality and surfacing of content, great search and easy downloads, as well as the huge variety of content from so many publishers, makes Global Player the best podcast platform out there. We’re very excited and proud to bring this massive new functionality to Global Player, Global’s entertainment hub. It’s growing fast!”