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FreeSports poised to move to higher position on Freeview

FreeSports is poised to leapfrog itself up the Freeview channel list, following the acquisition of a teleshopping slot.

The Store - a two hour overnight teleshopping service - has been sold by CBS AMC UK Channel Partnership to FreeSports, and with it comes an opportunity for the sports channel to swap slots, enabling it to move to The Store's current slot on Freeview channel 64, a promotion from channel 95 - near the bottom of the Freeview entertainment channel section.

Freeview channel numbers can be swapped among channels belonging to the same common owner, according to rules laid out by Digital UK, the organisation responsible for the management of the UK's digital terrestrial television platform.

FreeSports accidentally revealed a channel move was on the agenda last month when it released a Twitter video promoting the service on channel 64 - The Store's current channel number. Once spotted by a516digital, the Tweet was quickly removed.

The Store was a service originally owned by ITV in 2013 and operated together with JML as the UK's first 'chatmercial' shopping channel. The venture quickly flopped, and the service was switched to a regular teleshopping format occupying an overnight Freeview slot in order to keep the channel number.

When rules governing Freeview channel number allocations were relaxed, ITV took the opportunity to sell the service to CBS AMC UK channel partnership, which resulted in CBS Action being able to take The Store's former Freeview channel number - channel 39. Now, FreeSports is poised to do the same using The Store's current number, channel 64.

Research has shown that higher ranking channels have a greater potential to reach viewers flicking through the TV guide. While it's possible to easily trade channel number slots on Sky,  trading on Freeview is far more restrictive, hence the sale of minor teleshopping channels from one company to another to qualify for channel swaps.

FreeSports first launched in August 2017, and has quickly established itself as a popular destination for sports fans. The channel is the free-to-air outlet of the organisation behind Premier Sports in the UK.

Update 07/11/2018: FreeSports channel move is now confirmed to be taking place by 1pm on the 12th November 2018, after which it will be broadcasting on channel 64.