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Eleven Sports to launch "Watch Together" feature

Eleven Sports is to become the first sports broadcaster to launch a new feature that allows up to five users to share access to live sport.

"Watch Together" will allow Eleven Sports subscribers to create a 'room' and invite up to four fans to login and share live sports access. Those in the virtual room will be able to see, hear and chat while watching a live sports event, even if they are miles apart.

The person who sets up the room can invite others by simply sharing a link by text, WhatsApp, email or on social media.

Eleven Sports plans to roll out Watch Together in its international OTT (over-the-top) markets, with a trial period expected to launch in the coming weeks.

The new product has been designed by leading tech start-up Reactoo.

Tom Middleditch, Global Head of Digital, Eleven Sports, said:
“Live sport is special because of the raw emotions that are attached to it. Watch Together enables fans to share these emotions and debate every decision, kick, tackle or punch, wherever they are. This is an exciting first for Eleven. Watch Together will help to drive engagement in the live event by encouraging active, as opposed to passive viewing habits. Currently fans debate talking points on text or social media while watching a match or fight passively, but our inventive new product will enable in-person interaction while remaining fully immersed in the action. 
Together with our partners Reactoo, we have created an easy-to-use viewing experience. We are delighted to be the first to bring it to the sports market globally, harnessing the versatility of online streaming and fulfilling our commitment to introduce innovative ways for fans to watch, engage in and enjoy live sport.”

Marc Williams, CEO, Reactoo said:
“We're on a mission to make watching sports more fun and engaging by enabling fans to watch with each other from anywhere. Using the latest technology, we are making it easier for all sports fans to share those special moments and we are proud to be the first watch together tech platform to introduce this transformative product to the global sports market. We are excited to work with Eleven Sports to launch Watch Together across its international markets and grow the use of our technology to a worldwide audience."

Fans with a subscription to Eleven Sports will be able to watch all the action available in their market through Watch Together at no extra cost.

  • For launch, Watch Together will be available through Chrome and Firefox internet browsers on PC and laptops. It will be rolled out across other browsers and devices in the near future.

Image credit: Eleven Sports