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BBC partakes in connected radio trial

The BBC is teaming up with DTS to test a new Connected Radio platform over the next 18 months.

Also known as “hybrid radio,” the pilot will cover all of the BBC's radio services and will improve the information available on car radios. DTS is a subsidiary of US tech company Xperi Corporation.

DTS Connected Radio combines program information transmitted by local radio broadcasters with data pulled from the internet.

The company says this results in a "much richer and immediate listening/reading/interactive experience for the car’s occupants", compared to the metadata that can be transmitted over radio alone.

Joe D'Angelo, Xperi’s SVP, Broadcast said:
“The trial will provide a full hybrid radio experience testing across a number of receiver types, test platforms, prototype receivers and in-vehicle radios. In particular, the trial will test the seamless listening experience between broadcast (FM, DAB, DAB+) and BBC metadata on the move. The trial will include all BBC radio services.”