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13 poorly masked F-bombs land Capital Xtra in hot water

Capital Xtra has been found in breach of the broadcasting code after allowing the "F-bomb" to drop 13 times.

The incident occured on a Sunday lunchtime on 2nd September 2018 when Lucky You by Eminem was played, complete with 13 instances of "poorly masked" F-words, forbidden under UK broadcasting rules.

Capital Xtra said that, before Ofcom had contacted it about the complaint, senior staff had identified that the track potentially did not meet its “stringent standards on language masking”.

It said it had therefore edited the track further and moved it to a “post 21:00 rotation on the main station playlist…”.

Nevertheless, Ofcom ruled that the incident breached two broadcasting rules - one of broadcasting offensive language when children are likely to be listening and one of broadcasting such content without editorial context.

Ofcom audience research from 2016 confirmed that the F-word is widely considered to be an example of the "most offensive language".

In September, sister station Heart Extra was found guilty of letting seven F-bombs explode on to the airwaves.