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Sky plans to cut linear entertainment and niche movies

Sky will reduce the number of linear TV channels and niche movies.

Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch made the statement during a conference call on Thursday, briefing investors at Sky's new parent company Comcast.

During the call, he also confirmed he would be staying on at Sky, revealing future strategies for the pay TV giant, which covers UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

While the names of the channels that he intends to cut were not revealed, it was confirmed they would be entertainment channels. Sky does have at least two underutilised services in the UK market: Sky Two, which was relegated on the Sky EPG earlier in the week in favour of new sister channel E! - part of the NBCUniversal division of Comcast and Real Lives - originally launched as "LIVINGtv2", the second channel of what has ultimately become Sky Witness.

It was also revealed that will reduce the volume of niche movies it buys in, a move that would potentially hand over some niche movies to specialist streaming services.

Mr Darroch also confirmed that Sky had been working on a new OTT streaming platform, which would allow Sky to quickly deploy new online service in more countries, following the roll-out of broadband-based Sky services in Spain and Switzerland.

However, there was no indication of when Sky's long-awaited internet TV platform, delivering Sky Q users television without a satellite dish would launch in the UK.