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One More Thing: NHK remasters Columbo to 4K UHD

Japan's NHK has future-proofed TV classics including Columbo, by remastering them in 4K UHD.

The Japanese public service broadcaster is remastering archive television in preparation for its new 4K TV service, which goes live in the country on 1st December 2018.

According to reports, NHK has around 3,500 episodes of old 16mm shows in its archive, as well as several hundred 35mm shows, but only some are being remastered. In addition to Columbo, which starred the late Peter Falk, fantasy 1960s comedy Bewitched has been chosen for the 4K upgrade. 

Sadly for UK viewers, there's still no sign of any major broadcaster here going to those lengths to provide some archive content for all of those 70 inch UHD TVs consumers have been buying recently.