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New global branding for DAB+

A new logo will be used to promote DAB+ digital radio around the world.

The logo, first used in Germany, aims to provide a consistant brand to appear on all DAB+ related promotions worldwide, as well as on devices that support DAB+ broadcasts.

Unveiled by industry body WorldDAB, the logo replaces the black and white DAB logo, which had been in use for more than a decade.

Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria are the first countries to use the logo in marketing and point of sale material, with others set to follow later this year. As a result of its early adoption in these countries, the logo is already being used by home and in-car receiver manufacturers, public and commercial broadcasters and automotive OEMs.

In the UK, DAB+ is increasingly used by small-scale DAB multiplex operators, with a small number of DAB+ broadcasts now available on other multiplexes.

Jacqueline Bierhorst, Vice-President, WorldDAB said:
“The new DAB+ branding has been incredibly well received and WorldDAB can offer the logo and toolkit to ensure DAB+ has a consistent look and feel across the world. For new markets, the toolkit will help with the launch of DAB+ marketing and, for existing established DAB+ markets, the logo is available to those who want to use it. WorldDAB’s recommendation is that the new international logo is adopted by as many markets as possible and that it should replace the previous black and white logo.”

Industry users can download the logo and toolkit from the WorldDAB website.