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New BBC HD services expected in November

An update to the BBC website has confirmed the broadcaster is to launch new HD services on the 29th November 2018.

Schedule information pages show that BBC Two Wales HD will launch on Thursday 29th November 2018. The channel's launch follows an announcement by BBC Cymru Wales earlier in the year, which confirmed the broadcaster was working towards splitting the current single version BBC Two HD service, enabling viewers to access Welsh opt-outs on BBC Two in high definition.

In a surprise move, the website update also indicates the arrival of an HD version of BBC Two for Northern Ireland at the same time. BBC Two Northern Ireland HD hasn't yet been formally announced by the BBC, with official confirmation of the channel launch still pending.

BBC Two Scotland, however, will be axed in the new year to make way for the new BBC Scotland TV channel, which be available in both HD and SD. BBC Two in Scotland will switch to the main network feed covering England. BBC Two Scotland opt-outs will switch to the BBC Scotland TV channel instead.

The launch of additional HD variants of BBC Two will be welcomed by HD TV viewers in the nations, as it will enable everyone to receive the correct version of BBC Two in HD as well as in SD.

However there are concerns over the BBC's ability to continue offering services without being impacted by savings. Earlier today, an efficiency review revealed the BBC has now delivered a third of the £800 million of savings needed by 2021/22, but warned it has become increasingly difficult to make more savings without further impacting services.

The report shows how cutting property and senior manager costs, renegotiating major contracts and simplifying the BBC have helped ensure that 94% of the BBC’s controllable budget was on content and delivery this year - with just 5.7% going on general support activities.


  1. How about BBC 1 London in HD seeing as it has more population than Wales ,Scotland and NI put together.