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BBC Sounds: All change for BBC Radio on the web

Radio listeners will now be directed to the new BBC Sounds website in the next phase of the BBC's revamp of its audio portfolio.

It marks the end of the iPlayer Radio brand on the BBC website, as redirects to

Users of the BBC iPlayer Radio App will continue to be able to use the service, but will be encouraged to make the switch across to the BBC Sounds App in the coming months ahead of its ultimate closure.

It's part of the BBC's plans to restructure its portfolio of radio and other audio content, bringing live streaming, on-demand and catch-up as well as podcasts into one place. The new service also offers improved recommendations and personalisation options.

Web users will see the following changes:
  • Changes to site navigation, with the Sounds navigation containing links to the homepage (“Listen") and a personalised area for saved and subscribed programmes ("My Sounds"). 
  • Links to all radio stations, schedules, and categories are moved into the main area of the homepage. The iPlayer Radio navigation bar has also been removed from all pages.
  • My Radio has changed to My Sounds, where the BBC has added a list of latest episodes from programmes or podcasts you are subscribed to.
  • Subscribe buttons appearing wherever the BBC shows multiple episodes from a programme.
  • Playback of live and on-demand audio now happens within the BBC Sounds website rather than on episode pages. You can still listen via the pop-out Radioplayer console if you visit the relevant station homepage (e.g. Radio 4:
  • Removal of the old BBC iPlayer Radio search function, with just one search box on the page, in the top right hand corner of every page.

In a blog post, Dan Taylor-Watt, head of iPlayer and BBC Sounds told users:
"As with BBC iPlayer Radio before it, we do ask that you sign-in to listen; this helps us understand more about what different people are listening to in order to ensure we are providing something for everyone. It also enables us to provide you with easier access to your favourite programmes and podcasts and introduce you to other audio you might otherwise never have discovered. We think there are huge benefits in this more personal service, helping you find relevant content from the 80,000 hours available, however if you don’t want to take advantage we do provide the option to turn off personalisation in your BBC Account settings."