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BBC One to launch six new daytime shows

BBC One is aiming to give daytime TV a makeover, but programmes remain fixated around property, cooking and consumer rights

Long running auction show Flog It has been axed, with space being created in the schedules for six new shows, commissioned by Dan McGolpin, controller of BBC Programming and Daytime:
  • In Home Is Where the Art Is, presented by Nick Knowles, amateur artists compete to win a special new commission for one paying homeowner. Three artists, whose skills range from everything from painting, metal work and embroidery to woodcarving and ceramics will get to snoop around a Mystery Buyers’ home before pitching their ideas. But which one will hit the brief and bag the commission?
  • The Customer Is Always Right follows budding entrepreneurs from across the UK as they try to make a success of their inventions. They are making everything from pet accessories to health and beauty products, home and garden tools to children’s gadgets. But would anyone want to buy these items? And did they think to ask potential customers’ opinions about their products before they went and made 200 of them?
  • The Best House In Town features proud homeowners who go the extra mile to make their houses stand out from the crowd will compete, with the judging done by their knowledgeable 'nosy neighbours'.
  • In Britain’s Housing Scandal Matt Allwright is on a journey to seek out the UK’s empty homes and tell their stories. Matt will expose the scandal of houses lying empty whilst everyday families are homeless. His mission is to help pair empty houses with people who desperately need a home - to change their lives for the better.
  • In factual series Defenders UK BBC One will reveal the work of multiple agencies, councils across the UK who crack down on the crooks, cheats and conmen who endanger our health, our safety and our homes.
  • And finally, Chef Paul Ainsworth and Irish cookery school owner and home cook Catherine Fulvio will host the Best Christmas Food Ever showcasing the ultimate festive food experience, to broadcast in the two weeks before Christmas. They will be preparing dishes which capture the essence of Christmas, exploring the tastes that define the season, with celebrity guests dropping in for each episode to enjoy a dish that has a festive meaning for them.

Source: BBC