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Why can`t I receive FreeSports on Freeview?

Unlike many other Freeview channels, FreeSports isn't yet broadcast from every Freeview transmitter.

Short answer:
Coverage of the channel is around 75% of all UK households, compared to just over 90% for many other commercial channels. In addition you need to have a newer Freeview receiver that can handle the latest broadcast standards.

If you are in the coverage area, and have a compatible receiver, you'll find FreeSports on channel 64 (it moved from channel 95 on 12th November 2018).

Long answer:
Freeview consists of channels being broadcast in 'bundles', officially known as 'multiplexes'. Capacity on the near full-coverage multiplexes is full, therefore a number of channels have now taken up a slot on two temporary, low-coverage multiplexes. FreeSports is one of them.

Originally, the two temporary multiplexes were created to provide extra capacity for HD channels. But with many HD channels locked behind a paywall with providers such as Sky and Virgin, spare capacity is available to channels like FreeSports, who broadcast in standard definition on Freeview.

As a result of these multiplexes being intended for HD broadcasts, viewers need a device that supports Freeview HD broadcasts, even for standard definition channels like FreeSports. The standard used for these signals is called DVB-T2 - the second generation of terrestrial broadcasting. Old Freeview receivers only support DVB-T. You can tell if you have an older receiver, because you won't have access to BBC One HD on channel 101, in fact you won't see any channels listed between channel 101 and 120.

So, even if you live in the 75% of households that can receive a signal, you'll need to ensure you have a device that supports Freeview HD or Freeview Play. YouView receivers ( those used for BT, TalkTalk or Plusnet TV) or EE TV receivers also support DVB-T2 signals.

What next?
You can see which channels are available in your address on the Freeview website. Some households will need an aerial adjustment to receive all available channels.

Updated: 12/11/2018