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TV Licensing restores website after security scare

The TV Licensing website has returned online after a security glitch compromised the security of user's data.

An investigation has revealed that between 29th August to 5th September 2018, transactions carried out on the TV Licence website were sent unencrypted across the network, including user's name, address, email, sort code and bank account number.

The site's downtime had prompted speculation over a security breach on social media outlets.

According to TV Licensing, debit and credit card details were not affected. As a result, the website was taken offline for several days, meaning customers had to call the TV Licensing hotline instead.

In a statement, TV Licensing said:
"While there is no evidence that anyone’s data has been compromised, for a limited period certain transactions carried out on our website were not as secure as they should have been. This has now been fixed.

“While the risk of anyone having seen any of this data is low, because we take data security seriously we’ve written to people who may have sent their bank details to our website during this period to alert them and advise them to speak to their bank if they see any unusual activity. The issue did not affect credit or debit card details which were encrypted throughout.

“We’re really sorry this happened but want to reassure customers that the risk is low and we’ve taken action to ensure it doesn’t happen again. There is no evidence of any attack and we’ve found no evidence of any unauthorised access to information"

A set of frequently asked questions about the data security breach has now been posted on the website.

The majority of the administration of TV Licensing is contracted to Capita Business Services Ltd, but the BBC maintains overall responsibility.