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Technical issues affect ITV Box Office viewers

Viewers have once again struggled to follow the action on pay-per-view service ITV Box Office.

Coverage of Boxing's WBSS Super Middleweight Final featuring Grove v Smith started at 6pm on Friday, building up to the main event later on.

Viewers had to pay £16.95 to access the coverage, broadcast on Sky, Virgin Media and online via TVPlayer.

But viewers reported stumbling across numerous technical hurdles, including a blue screen on Sky, issues ordering the event on the website and problems with the official online live stream, hosted by TVPlayer.

TVPlayer told users who found they couldn't follow the fight on Amazon Fire TV to try logging out and logging back in.

ITV meanwhile received heavy criticism on social media from potential viewers who reported being unable to buy the event via the ITV Box Office website, with viewers saying they were stuck on loading screens.

Amidst the technical issues affecting the official UK broadcaster, vendors of pirated IPTV streams promoted unofficial streams via social media, despite the risks following recent law enforcement clampdowns.

Since launching in February 2017, the channel's live events have repeatedly been associated with reports of technical issues; some Sky viewers trying to access it's first fight night reported seeing a blue screen all night.

Viewers using Virgin Media's cable network appeared to be encountering fewer, if any issues.