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Sky and Virgin customers more likely to pay over £100 a month

The latest technology has its price: Sky and Virgin customers are more likely to be paying over £100 a month for their service.

Research by Which has confirmed that 21% of Virgin Media customers and 27% of Sky customers are now paying in excess of £100 a month for the service. HD & UHD exclusives, fibre-based broadband and premium pay TV channels all help to boost the monthly cost on high-end packages, such as Sky Q.

The same research found out that customers of budget ISPs TalkTalk and Plusnet customers tend to pay the lowest monthly fee, with the vast majority spending under £50 per month, although both providers have a much smaller pay TV presence with fewer high-cost add-ons that Sky and Virgin offer their customers.

40% of BT customers pay between £25 and £49.99 a month for their services - which is the price range of many of its special offers, with another 41% of BT customers in the £50 to £74.99 range. Just 2% of BT customers surveyed were paying over £100. 3% of EE customers were being billed over £100. The researchers couldn't find any Plusnet or TalkTalk customers paying more than £100 a month.

Which concludes that while what’s included in a TV and broadband package obviously varies, it’s a clear message to consumers that savings can be made if they’re not getting value for the level of service they receive.

With Freeview having taken the lion's share of the basic multi-channel SD TV market, and only a limited amount of HD content, Sky and Virgin both have carriage deals with major broadcasters ensuring that HD and UHD content from some channels are only available to subscribers instead of being free-to-air. Similarly, with a greater range of UHD and HD content available from Sky and Virgin, there's greater incentive for subscribers to bundle a more expensive higher-speed fibre-based broadband service to get the most out of their connected UHD TVs and boxes, all of which helps increase the monthly cost further. 

The research was based on prices in July 2018, so will not factor in the recent BT price rises, which came in to force last week.

Source: Which?