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Germans celebrate the Art of Teletext with British Artist

Six years after Ceefax died in the UK, the technology behind the service is still being used elsewhere. 

German broadcaster ARD has commissioned British teletext artist Steve Horsley, aka 'Horsenburger' to present a range of artwork for the service throughout the month of September.

The artist worked in the 1990s as a teletext graphic designer, starting off creating horses and footballs for teletext pages. A sample of his work will now been shown this month on ARD Text page 840.

Viewers unable to receive German television are able to visit the gallery at (Picture of the day is page 843; best accessed via a desktop computer.)

The art will also be available on the German channel's HbbTV service - HbbTV being the latest replacement for traditional teletext, combining news and information with additional video feeds and catch-up TV.

As always the art is limited by 1970s technology - only six colours, plus black and white are available.