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Freeview frequency changes reach central Scotland

A series of frequency changes this Autumn has begun in central Scotland.

Viewers who have lost Freeview channels are being advised to retune. Through September and October, many Freeview households from the Clyde to the Forth will be affected.

Exactly which channels are affected and when retunes are needed depends on which transmitter a viewer is using.

The changes that took place on the 5th September 2018 affected the main central belt transmitter on Black Hill, which serves much of Glasgow as well as main transmitters at Darvel (Ayrshire) and Rosneath alongside numerous relay transmitters that offer a limited number of Freeview channels.

Some further relays will be affected on the 19th September 2018, while another set of changes to complete the this part of the project takes place on the 3rd October 2018.

Viewers can check which dates are applicable to them using the official coverage checker, which includes a reception forecast showing any changes based on transmitters predicted to cover a viewer's location.

Ahead of each retune, services may go off-air for a time overnight to allow the necessary engineering work to take place. A retune can be done in most cases after 6am of the relevant day. It will take longer for the engineers to complete the switch at relay stations, but services should be up and running by the evening.

The move is part of a national government-backed project to clear the airwaves for future 5G mobile services. As a result, Freeview channels in many areas are having to move to different frequencies, in a scheme known as 700MHz clearance.

Some of the channels most affected by the changes include BBC Four HD, Quest HD, FreeSports, PBS America and Forces TV as they broadcast on temporary frequencies and are as a result only available to a limited number of Freeview households.

Viewers are being advised that a full retune or first time installation is required on some devices. If a device offers the option to "add channels", a full retune should be done instead, as the "add channels" option on many receivers looks for new services rather than replace and restore channels that have gone missing.

For some viewers, additional support may be required. The Freeview Advice Line may be able to send a qualified installer if a householder is solely dependent on Freeview for TV services, the problems can be attributed to the retune and telephone support fails to restore services. Affected viewers can find out more at