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BBC iPlayer opens up Theroux and Dooley documentary archive

Hot on the heels of a summer of special box-sets for comedy and Doctor Who fans, the BBC has prepared special iPlayer documentary box sets for this autumn.

Over seventy documentaries from Louis Theroux and Stacey Dooley’s back catalogues are available to watch on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 6th September 2018.

According to the BBC, the documentaries include some of the most iconic films from Theroux and Dooley’s archives, showcasing their unique approaches to film making.

The documentaries tackle a broad range of issues, from drug addiction in Louis Theroux film, The City Addicted to Crystal Meth, to abortion in Brainwashing Stacey: Anti-Abortion Camp and the American criminal justice system in Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail, giving audiences a front seat view to some of the most interesting stories in the world today. Weird Weekends, the documentary strand that made Louis Theroux a household name in the 1990s is also included.

Alison Kirkham, Controller, BBC Factual Commissioning, says: 
“I’m delighted documentary box sets from Louis Theroux and Stacey Dooley’s archives are returning to BBC iPlayer this autumn. They are both extraordinary filmmakers, making interesting and challenging documentaries for the BBC and with over seventy documentaries being made available there will be something for everyone to enjoy.”