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Eutelsat upgrades Hot Bird service

Satellite operator Eutelsat is to bring its Hotbird fleet up-to-date.

The Hotbird service, broadcast from the orbital position of 13 degrees East counts as Eutelsat's prime service, with its channels reaching 135 million homes across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Currently, three high-power satellites broadcast over 1,000 TV channels, plus many more radio stations.

In 2021, the three satellites will be replaced by two more powerful satellites: Eutelsat 13F and 13G. The existing satellites, Eutelsat 13B, C and E will be moved to support Eutelsat's other satellite TV orbital positions until their end of life.

Eutelsat Hot Bird is used by broadcasters to transmit services across the whole of Europe, North Africa and Middle East, thanks to the satellite's widebeam reaching not just households but also feeding cable head-ends and IP services across the region.

In the UK, Hot Bird is widely used by the Polish community to receive Polish-language television services. Hot Bird is also the home of the main national channels of Italy, Switzerland, French-speaking Belgium, as well as duplicate coverage of the main French channels. Coverage of the Hot Bird service is expected to remain the same after the changeover in 2021.