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Arise News returns to Sky

Nigerian owner congratulates staff on success of channel, that returns to Sky after being bogged down by non-payment issues.

Arise News promises to offer a African-focused slant to the international news agenda, and has this month returned to Sky, where it can be found on channel 519, following a test period on satellite this summer.

Following its disappearance from Sky in 2016, Arise News continued in the UK as a web-stream service available on compatible connected Freeview devices, on channel 269.

During 2015 and 2016, the channel was embroiled in allegations of non-payment of staff and suppliers, which resulted in the service frequently being suspended or showing recorded content, while its owner Nduka Obaigbena was embroiled in a corruption scandal in Nigeria. At one point, even broadcast regulator Ofcom failed to receive fees from the broadcaster.

To mark the channel's return to Sky, Mr Obaigbena went on record congratulating all those involved in the success of the station, adding:
“Today, five years later, the entrepreneuring spirit has won over some harrowing and challenging moments; hope has won over despair; truth is triumphant over lies; though we’ve had some tears along the way – not of our making, it has also been lots of fun and laughter and your one and only global news channel, that is truly Black and African, is standing taller today than ever before...”