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Amazon fails to deliver to tennis fans: US Open gets 1 star reviews

Amazon has been flooded with negative feedback from tennis fans, after a below-par debut of its US Open coverage.

The online giant's coverage has been met with disapproval from subscribers of Amazon Prime - the only official avenue open to UK viewers to watch US Open coverage from this year. Of 746 comments from users, 82% gave Amazon just one star, complaining of poor picture quality, poor navigation, no ability to record or replay coverage and inadequate highlights packages.

And users now report that Amazon is now blocking them from submitting a review of the service.

Examples of the reviews being submitted to

One disgruntled fan called Amazon's offering "a dire travesty of a service", while another commented "Hopeless doesn't describe it. A complete embarrassment. The pictures are poor quality. The sound is out of line with the video. The volume of sound of the commentary is much lower than the umpire and other courtside noise. The access route and changing channels is unusable. I will never pay for this service. You should stick to shifting boxes and box sets. Leave the serious stuff to the experts".

However, a small minority of users claimed to be enjoying "pinsharp pictures" and good coverage.

US Open coverage has previously been shown on Sky Sports and Eurosport in the UK. Eurosport still has the rights to show coverage from New York in other European countries.

From 2019, Amazon will be showing a small number of Premier League matches each season. The rights for the 20 matches were snapped up in June by Amazon after the bundle originally failed to sell to one of the established broadcasters back in February.  The remaining televised Premier League matches will continue to be shown in the UK on either Sky or BT Sport.