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PBS America: channel guide

PBS America is the British offshoot of US public television, offering a daily schedule of factual programming.

The schedule is dominated by factual pieces on historical and political events, including profiles of famous people through the ages.

How to find PBS America
This is how and where you can watch the channel in the UK:

  • Freeview channel 91 (moved from 94)*
  • Sky channel 160 
  • Virgin Media channel 276 
  • YouView* (BT TV / TalkTalk TV / Plusnet TV ) channel 94^ 
  • EE TV* channel 94^
  • Freesat channel 155
  • Online: Via Amazon Channels. Virgin Media UK users can watch online on the go via Virgin TV Anywhere.

* Subject to Freeview coverage. Freeview channel number changed on 18th February 2019. DVB-T2 service: Older Freeview receivers will not receive this channel, even in coverage areas.

^ These platforms piggyback on Freeview, so you'll find them on the same channel number as Freeview, and reception is subject to local Freeview coverage. YouView is the platform that powers BT TV, TalkTalk TV and Plusnet TV.

I can't receive PBS on Freeview
Older Freeview devices will not be able to receive the channel.

Coverage is limited to 3/4 of the UK. Check coverage at

Due to a number of frequency changes in various parts of the country, if you have previously been able to watch the channel, you may need to retune in order to keep watching.

Is there a PBS America+1 channel?

Can I watch this channel in the Republic of Ireland?
Yes. The channel is available on free-to-air satellite in the Republic of Ireland. You can use the manual tuning details found below.

Can I watch PBS America in HD?
No. The channel is only available in standard definition.

Are programmes available on-demand / via catch-up TV?
Yes. In July 2018, PBS America signed a deal for some of its programmes to be available on My5:

Can I manually tune in PBS America on satellite?
Use the following parameters for manual tuning:
Satellite:    Astra 2E (28.2 E)
Frequency:    11426
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate:  27500 (27.5 Mbaud)
FEC:          5/6
Mode:         DVB-S 
Service ID:   52505 
UK spotbeam (limited reception outside the British Isles) 

How can I get in touch with the channel?

Last updated: 20/02/2019.