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BT to lift prices in September

Update | BT is to increase prices across a number of services this September.

The latest round of changes include a further increase in the call set-up fee as well as the cost of accessing Sky channels on BT TV.

The company is also increasing the standard pricing across its range of broadband products, increasing monthly charges by £2.50 in what will be the second price increase this year.

BT last increased standard broadband prices at the beginning of 2018.

From the 16th September 2018, the following price rises apply:
  • Broadband internet, including fibre-based Superfast broadband: Add £2.50 to the current standard price.
  • Call set up fee is rising to 23p (doesn't apply on inclusive calls). Was 22p.
  • Weekday calls are rising to 15p/min (unless you have an all-inclusive call package). Was 13.5p.
  • International calls will increase from 50p to 55p for countries in Band A, 80p to 85p for Band B and 140p to 145p for Band C.  (For customer who don't have special international tariffs in their package; those with Friends and Family International or International Freedom, see the bottom of this list; a list of countries and chargebands is available here).
  • Unlimited Anytime calls to mobiles from your landline are going up from 8.5p to 9p a minute.
  • Calls to mobiles from your landline are going up from 17p to 18p a minute.
  • Calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers from your landline are going up from 13p to 15p a minute.
  • Timeline per use is going up from 45p to 50p.
  • Reminder Call per use is going up from 60p to 65p.
  • Call Return per use going up from 30p to 35p.
  • Ring-Back per use is going up from 60p to 65p.
  • BT Answer 1571 is going to up from £3 to £3.50 per month. 
  • Friends & Family International is going up from £1.65 to £2.
  • International Freedom is going up from £7.80 to £8.50.
  • Standalone line rental increase by £1 a month

Increases for Sky Sports and Sky Cinema viewers with BT
BT has announced changes to its charges for Sky channels:

  • Sky Sports standard definition increases from £27.50 to £30 a month.
  • Sky Sports HD increases from £33.50 to £36.00
  • Sky Cinema access increases from £13.50 to £16.00 a month.

The increases come ahead of the implementation of a deal between BT and Sky that will allow BT TV users to access Now TV on their boxes, giving them access to the full set of Sky's TV channels.  Currently, BT only offers Sky Cinema and Sky Sports Main Event.

By comparison, Now TV offers Sky Cinema for £9.99 a month and a package of Sky Sports channels for £33.99 a month. Now TV streaming quality is up to 720p, which is more than standard definition, but less than the full HD service offered via satellite.

Early termination charges that apply to users who want to leave BT mid-contract will also be increasing, according to the company. The charge is dependent on how many months are left in the minimum contract term.

Affected customers are being notified by BT via letter, email and My BT.

The company recently confirmed it was bringing back all of its customer call centre activity to the UK and improving services available to customers, including 4G back-up and new TV services, such as Amazon Prime Video. It's also continuing to invest in fibre broadband roll-out, all of which will help justify further price rises.

  • Updated 26th June, with newly released price increase data.
  • Thanks to a516digital reader Ben Widdowson for spotting the Sky Sports price change information.