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Premier League forces liquidation of illegal streaming company

A renowned pirate of Premier League content has been forced to liquidate after agreeing to pay £600,000 for breaching the League's copyright.

Ace IPTV, run by Craig Driscoll and Ian Isaac, sold subscriptions to illegal Premier League streams directly to consumers which allowed viewing on a range of devices, including what the Premier League calls "notorious Kodi-type boxes", as well as to smaller resellers in the UK and abroad.

Mr Driscoll and Mr Isaac took a number of steps to try to continue their illegal service after they had first been contacted, but the Premier League was able to track their various attempts to hide their identities and evade detection.

As part of the settlement with the Premier League, Ace IPTV has terminated all subscriptions meaning that subscribers who have pre-paid significant sums have been left out of pocket.

All customers have been written to by the company's liquidators. Customer details have been disclosed to the Premier League, who will review the data in compliance with data protection legislation. Further investigations will be conducted, and action taken where appropriate.

The Premier League says Ace IPTV's collapse highlights the risk consumers take with their personal data when they sign up to illegal streaming services.

During the 2017/18 season, the Premier League’s focus on anti-piracy has resulted in 215,000 streams being removed and 450,000 clips stopped from being viewed.