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Major Freeview frequency change for Oxfordshire

A reconfiguration of the Freeview service in Oxfordshire will force viewers to retune on Wednesday.

As part of the move to new frequencies, an overnight outage affected viewers in the Oxfordshire TV sub-region as engineering work took place at the main transmitter at Beckley, Oxford.

Additionally, viewers in parts of Swindon, areas of the Cotswolds, south Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, who receive TV signals from Oxford have also been affected. Relays at Charlbury, Guiting Power and Over Norton have also completed frequency changes. However, households in North Oxfordshire receiving Midlands TV won't be affected.

The changes, which form the second phase of a frequency change in the area that started in February, affect nearly every Freeview channel broadcast from the Oxford transmitter, including all of the main BBC and ITV channels, many of the main commercial channels including Sky News as well as local TV channel That's Oxfordshire.

It is part of a nationwide programme to clear services from the 700MHz frequency band following the Government’s decision to clear TV frequencies for future 5G mobile services.

How to restore channels
In order to restore channels, some older Freeview devices may need to go through a 'first time installation' or 'factory reset'. This should be done after 6am Wednesday when all engineering work is scheduled to be complete. Relays are completed later in the day.

Viewers who are unable to restore all or some Freeview channels after retuning are advised to contact the Freeview Advice Line: 0808 100 0288.

Viewers with BT TV, TalkTalk TV, Plusnet TV and EE TV are also affected, as part of their service relies on the Freeview signal.

The following information is relevant to aerial installers and those requiring a manual retune:

Oxford Beckley Transmitter
Previous Freeview UHF frequency channel numbers: 53, 60, 57, 50, 59, 31*, 55*, 37 & 29 (Local TV)
New Freeview UHF frequency channel numbers: 41, 44, 47^, 29, 37, 31, 55^, 56^ & 22 or 46 (Local TV)

* no change - these changed already in February 2018. The UHF frequency channel numbers are in multiplex order (PSB1-3; COM4-8, Local). Not all multiplexes are available in all areas.
^ Requires a Freeview HD compatible receiver (DVB-T2).

Charlbury relay:
All services are moving in order to clear frequencies for the main Oxford transmitter. New UHF channel numbers: 39, 42, 45

Guiting Power relay:
All services are moving in order to clear frequencies for the main Oxford transmitter. New UHF channel numbers: 33, 36, 48

Over Norton relay:
The multiplex carrying ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 among other channels is moving to UHF channel 33.
The multiplex carrying BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD among other channels is moving to UHF channel 36.

Data: Ofcom / Digital UK