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FreeSports falls foul of Ofcom licence conditions

Sports channel FreeSports has been given a ticking off by Ofcom for not retaining recordings of its programmes.

The broadcast regulator received a complaint about a potential product placement in the programme On The Fly, prompting Ofcom to request a recording of the programme in order to assess the merits of the complaint.

At that point it emerged that the recording of the programme had been deleted from the server. A sub-broadcast quality recording was subsequently provided by the broadcaster.

In order to assess complaints received about programmes on UK television, Ofcom stipulates that recordings must be kept. These recordings must match the quality in terms of sound and video of the original broadcast.

As a result, Ofcom found FreeSports in breach of its licence conditions. FreeSports has said it is taking a full overhaul of its compliance process to bring its recordings up to the same standard as that seen by the viewer. FreeSports is in the process of launching an HD simulcast this summer.