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BT announces new TV and broadband features

BT has announced a raft of changes designed to improve customer experience.

It comes a week after mixed financial results and job losses were announced, including a fall in the numbers subscribing to BT TV.

Among the "new experiences" that BT customers will be able to enjoy from this year is the inclusion of the Amazon Video app on BT TV, with BT becoming the first major UK television platform to offer Prime Video through its set-top-boxes.

A new BT TV app will allow users to download and play content on the move for the first time. The app will become available on other smart and connected TV platforms, including Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV and Chromecast.

Meanwhile, customers of BT subsidiary EE will be able to access new BT Sport app features, including the ability to cast direct from their mobile to their TV with inclusive data. This feature is due in time for the next football season. EE will also offer Google Chromecast as well as Apple TV to make it even easier for customers to share content from their mobile to the big screen. EE customers will also be able to access a range of new mobile TV experiences throughout the year, with more details to be announced.

And between now and the end of 2020, BT will move all customer call centres to the UK and Ireland, meaning 100% of calls will be answered in the British Isles, ending the unpopular use of foreign call centres. A new "Keep Connected Promise" will be launched, meaning that if customers experience loss of home broadband, BT will enable unlimited data on the customer's BT mobile plans and will send a 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub with unlimited data so the customer can stay connected while their broadband is repaired or installed.