Seven years late... UTV+1 testing on satellite

Update | UTV+1 has begun testing on satellite, paving the way for satellite users in Northern Ireland to timeshift Northern Ireland's main commercial channel.

The +1 channel first launched back in 2011 on Freeview and Virgin Media in the province.

Tests began today following the closure of ITV Encore+1, which previously utilised the bandwidth.

Of all the Channel 3 timeshift services, only STV+1 is now missing. Both STV+1 and UTV+1 tested on satellite after the launch of ITV+1, but contractual disputes between ITV, STV and UTV - then a separately owned company - meant the channels couldn't stay on air via satellite. UTV has since been taken over by ITV plc.

A date for the official addition of UTV+1 on Sky and Freesat EPGs hasn't yet been confirmed by UTV or ITV, but it can already be manually tuned in using the following parameters:

Satellite:     Astra 2E
Frequency:     10906
Polarisation:  Vertical
Symbol Rate:   22000 (22Mbaud)
FEC:           5/6
Service ID:    10231
Test transmissions may change parameters or cease without notice.

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