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Absolute Radio 70s to make online-only move

Absolute Radio 70s will switch to being an online-only station this week, following the closure of its traditional radio outlets.

According to an announcement by the station, on 23rd May 2018, Absolute Radio 70s signal on DAB in London and via satellite will close. This will affect DAB listeners in the capital, as well Sky radio listeners across the British Isles, and anyone else who accesses the station on a generic free-to-air satellite receiver.

The station will continue streaming via the internet, accessible on an increasing list of smart devices, including phones, voice activated speakers, smart TVs, as well as PCs. For iOS and Android, a free Absolute Radio app is available to download now.

The switch to an all-online service follows the release of radio listening figures last week, that confirm listening via online streams now accounts for 9.3% of all listening and 18.3% of digital listening, with a year-on-year hourly growth of 17%.

Reception of the main Absolute Radio station is not affected by these changes.