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VH-1 UK to turn into entertainment channel

VH-1 UK is to become the latest music channel to ditch music in favour of a move into general entertainment.

Schedule data for the channel which was released last week confirms that the current diet of music from 6am to 3am daily, including special sing-along hours will be replaced with entertainment programmes previously shown on VH-1's sister channels, including MTV and 5Spike, such as Lip Sync Battle and My Super Sweet 16.

Coinciding with the change, the Viacom-owned channel will move to Sky's Entertainment section on 1st May 2018, as part of a wider reshuffle of channels on the satellite platform.

With the change, VH-1 (Video Hits 1) will mimic the music-less format of its US parent channel, which ditched music videos in favour of reality formats some time ago. By doing so, it becomes the latest channel to have a name or abbreviation that no longer fits the current content.

VH-1 follows in the footsteps of its Viacom stablemate MTV UK, which became a general entertainment channel in 2011, after gradually axing music from its schedules. Also making the switch from music to general entertainment in May is 4Music, which as previously reported, will also see some changes to its schedules as it transitions across the genres.

VH-1 UK is currently broadcast in Sky's music section, on channel 357. It has been assigned channel 174 from 1st May, where it is due to sit next to sister channel BET on 173.

A final, confirmed list of all of Sky's new channel numbers from 1st May 2018 will be revealed to Sky subscribers this week, with a special pop-up channel becoming available to viewers, as part of a wider campaign to raise awareness of the changes.