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Travelxp Freeview launch confirmed

Several months after obtaining an Ofcom licence to broadcast on Freeview, global travel channel Travelxp has confirmed a launch date.

Travelxp UK will be available on Freeview from Monday 30th April 2018, through which the service expects to reach 16 million viewers across the UK. The channel will be a UK specific version of the global service, which already operates in numerous countries worldwide. The channel features programming around the subjects of Destination, Food, Culture, Nature, Heritage and Lifestyle, promising to offer something very distinct from other Freeview channels.

Travelxp has been assigned channel 98 on Freeview's channel list.

Prashant Chothani, CEO of Travelxp has said:
“We are confident that our popular, premium travel-related entertainment and infotainment-driven content will connect with close to 16 million Freeview subscribers all over the UK. We are happy to partner with the Freeview platform, which have helped us become the first Indian television channel that has launched in the UK for mainstream audiences, and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”