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Summer weather prompts TV and radio reception warning

The return of summer weather has prompted the season's first alert over TV and radio reception.

According to the BBC, the Midlands and Wales are currently most likely to be prone to reception problems on Freeview, FM and DAB radio.

Forecasts indicate reception difficulties could crop up in other areas of the UK during the weekend, including the south coast, before the weather changes everywhere across the country.

Current atmospheric conditions mean that Freeview viewers, especially those with a weak signal, may see their reception being disrupted, with channels blocking or blanking out. Retuning will not solve the problem, and could actually make things worse for viewers. Not all channels may be affected.

Reception of cable, landline IPTV and satellite TV services aren't affected by these conditions.

Meanwhile on FM, listeners may find a different station on top of the normal station. On DAB, single frequency network interference enhanced by the atmospheric conditions may result in signals from different transmitters cancelling each other out, resulting in signal drop-outs or gargling noises.

Reception will return to normal as the summer weather breaks down.

Diagnosing TV and radio reception problems can be very difficult, particularly as Freeview frequency changes and the launch of 4G services provide additional potential sources of interference. The BBC's TV and Radio Investigation Service provides more information on diagnosing problems.