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Sewing Quarter poised to switch Freeview frequency

Shopping channel Sewing Quarter looks set to gain full UK coverage on Freeview next week.

At midday on Tuesday 3rd April 2018, the channel will change frequencies. Although the Freeview channel number is due to stay the same (78), viewers will need to retune to keep watching. On-screen announcements are currently being broadcast to alert viewers to the forthcoming change.

Sewing Quarter is the UK's first shopping channel dedicated to sewing and quilting, and first launched at the beginning of 2017.

Ahead of the move, tests for Sewing Quarter have commenced using Channel 4's capacity on Freeview, indicating the channel will be bundled alongside Channel 4's signal. By doing so, it will also become one of the channels carried on relay transmitters that only carry a reduced Freeview channel line-up, increasing the channel's reach from around 90 to 98.5% of the UK population.

Sewing Quarter is operated by Immediate Media Co, the owner of the RadioTimes and other magazines.

The changes follow technical adjustments to the multiplex carrying ITV and Channel 4 which has allowed it to carry two additional streams, the other of which is now used to bring ITV3 to viewers on relay transmitters.

Channel 4 has a history of opening its Freeview capacity to third party broadcasters - including and Top Up TV. But Channel 4 itself currently uses additional Freeview capacity on a third-party basis, with 4seven, Film4+1, More4+1 in SD and C4 HD, C4+1 HD and 4seven HD using capacity hired from other multiplex operators.