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Ofcom allows Notts TV to streamline programme commitments

A proposal to streamline local channel Notts TV's programme commitments has been approved by Ofcom.

The broadcasting regulator has approved a revised set of commitments that allows Notts TV to move from screening 3x30 minutes of local news to 2x60 minutes, plus a 1x60 minute repeat. It is no longer committed to broadcasting a six minute bulletin each day. At the weekend, the channel will only need to broadcast one 15 minute news programme, instead of 3 programmes.

Ofcom executives agreed that the changes would not constitute a departure from the overall characteristic of the Notts TV service, which broadcasts on Freeview, Virgin and via the TVPlayer.

The request was made to Ofcom late last year, and approved by Ofcom executives on 7th March 2018. However, schedules for the channel indicate that Notts TV already made changes to its news output prior to the approval date, with new hour-long local news and current affairs show "Ey Up Notts" replacing the previously scheduled Notts TV News and the Notts Tonight programmes.

Notts TV is one of the last local TV channels to have launched in the 2013-15 period to have requested a reduction in its local programming commitments, as stations adjust to losing access to licence fee funding that was available via a BBC scheme during the first three years on air. Many local TV stations first launched with highly ambitious and detailed programme commitments, only to replace much of their programming with syndicated or networked programmes. a516digital research indicates Notts TV is one of a few remaining local stations outside of London that has not resorted to simulcasting networked content during off-peak hours.