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Freeview changes - Southern England - 21st March 2018

Freeview viewers in parts of southern and south-east England will need to retune Freeview on Wednesday 21st March 2018.

Overnight changes, which will lead to a temporary loss of some channels, will be followed by some Freeview channels appearing on new frequencies during the morning of the 21st March 2018.

The latest changes affect viewers in Dover, parts of West Sussex and the Hampshire / Solent area, and coincide with similar changes taking place at the same time in London. It's part of a national programme to clear Freeview channels from frequencies that have been earmarked for future 5G services.

Viewers who find they have lost Freeview channels on 21st March 2018 will need to retune to restore them, although in some cases, an aerial upgrade may be required.

When retuning, viewers with older receivers may need to ensure they do a 'first time installation' or 'factory reset', not 'add channels' or 'scan for new channels'. Further information about what to do if retuning fails can be found on the Freeview website.

YouView users, including BT TV, Plusnet TV and TalkTalk TV subscribers are affected, as are EE TV and Now TV Smart Box users in the affected areas.

To avoid interference with other Freeview transmitters, many sites across the south of England are going through the process in stages, with further retune dates being planned between now and mid-2020.

  • Freeview channels are bundled together in "Multiplexes" - changes will therefore affect groups of channels.
  • The following refers to "UHF channel numbers": these relate to the frequencies used by Freeview, and not the channel numbers you find programmes onMore information...


Your regional news is either South Today or South East Today on BBC One and ITV News Meridian on ITV.

The main TV transmitter for the south-eastern tip of Kent.

The multiplex carrying 5STAR, 5USA, Quest, QVC and True Entertainment among other channels (multiplex COM4) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 55 to UHF channel 35.

Remaining Freeview channels will switch to new frequencies in 2019 - the exact date is yet to be determined.

Broadcasting across West Sussex.
You may need a wideband aerial to receive all Freeview channels reliably.

The multiplex carrying BBC One South, BBC Two, BBC Four and CBBC among other channels (multiplex PSB1) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 55 to UHF channel 48.

The multiplex carrying ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Film4 among other channels (multiplex PSB2) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 56 to UHF channel 54.

The multiplex carrying 5STAR, 5USA, Quest, QVC and True Entertainment among other channels (multiplex COM4) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 54 to UHF channel 33.

The multiplex carrying 4Music, Ideal World, 5Spike, Yesterday and Talking Pictures TV among other channels  (multiplex COM6) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 50 to 29.

More frequency changes will take place in 2019 - the exact date is yet to be determined.

Haslemere relay
From 21st March 2018, this relay will commence broadcasting a wider set of Freeview channels, benefiting viewers in the area who may not be able to receive services from Midhurst reliably.

The additional services are broadcast on UHF channels 33 (COM4), 34 (COM5) and 29 (COM6), and will enable users of the relay to receive channels including Quest, Sky News and 4Music for the first time.

Based on the Isle of Wight, this transmitter serves Southampton, Portsmouth and surrounding areas.
The multiplex carrying BBC Four HD, CBeebies HD, FreeSports, PBS America and Forces TV among other channels (multiplex COM8) is changing frequency - from UHF channel 37 to the new national frequency on UHF 56. It has reduced coverage and is only available on newer Freeview devices.

The multiplex carrying That's Solent, TruTV, Tiny POP and POP Max among other channels is changing frequency from UHF channel 29 to 37. This multiplex has reduced coverage, chiefly serving parts of the Southampton and Portsmouth areas.

A further retune will be required for Freeview HD users only on the 2nd May 2018, when the multiplex that carries BBC News HD, Al Jazeera HD, 4seven HD and Channel 4+1 HD changes frequency.

In London, Hemel Hempstead, High Wycombe or Reigate? You are in the London TV region. Please visit this page for more.

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Further support
Viewers can also find information, advice and support on retuning, and what to do if they can't receive the missing channels after retuning at

Most other areas of the UK (not Northern Scotland) will be affected by mid-2020. Northern Scotland has already completed the change. Other areas that have already retuned recently, will need to do so again in the next two years.