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CBBC & CBeebies stay on lower Sky slots, despite lobbying

Children's channels from public service broadcasters will continue to occupy lower EPG slots on Sky's revamped channel list.

As lobbying continues to persuade Sky to give greater prominence to the public service children's channels CBBC and CBeebies, changes to be made to Sky's channel listing at the beginning of May will continue to see CBBC and CBeebies occupy channels 613 and 614.

Meanwhile, Ofcom has confirmed that it will be following provisions in the 2017 Digital Economy Act to undertake a review later this year that could force a change in the way children's channels are listed, guaranteeing a top slot for publicly funded channels. The BBC was among those lobbying for greater prominence when the Digital Economy Act was passing through the House of Lords last year.

Supporters of giving increased prominence to CBBC and CBeebies say these channels produce the most homegrown children's content, whereas most other channels rely heavily on imported US material. But UK multichannel broadcasters' association COBA says such a move "could threaten its members’ willingness to invest in kids programming". COBA represents channels including Disney, Nickelodeon and Sky itself.

Currently Sky is the only major UK television platform that doesn't give CBBC and CBeebies any prominence. The channel order reflects the children's channels that were on-air when Sky Digital first launched in the late 1990s.

601 Cartoon Network*
602 CN+1
603 Boomerang*
604 Nickelodeon*
605 Nickelodeon+1
606 Nicktoons
607 Disney Jr*
608 Disney Jr+1
609 Disney Channel
610 Disney Channel+1
611 Disney XD*
612 Disney XD+1
613 CBBC*^
614 CBeebies*^
615 Nick Jr*
616 POP
617 Tiny POP
618 Boomerang+1
619 Cartoonito
620 Nick Jr Too
621 CITV
622 Baby TV
623 RTÉJr (Republic of Ireland only)
624 Tiny POP+1
625 POP+1
626 POP Max
627 POP Max+1
628 Nick Jr+1
629 Nickelodeon HD** (Republic of Ireland only)
630 RTÉ Jr (NI only)
631 Nick Jr HD** (Republic of Ireland only)

640 Cartoon Network HD**
641 Boomerang HD**
642 Nickelodeon HD (Not ROI)**
643 Disney Jr HD**
644 Disney Channel HD**
645 Disney XD HD**
646 CBBC HD**^
647 CBeebies HD**^
648 Nick Jr HD**

*You'll see the HD version here, if you have an HD subscription.
**You'll see the SD version here, if you have an HD subscription.
^ You'll see the HD version on 613/14 and the SD version 646/47 if you have a Sky HD or Sky Q receiver.
Channels in bold are broadcast free-to-air and are not part of your Sky subscription.
Subject to further last minute changes before the channel changes occur in May.